Digestive Enzymes


Digestive Enzymes

The human body, like virtually all living things, naturally contains enzymes. Research shows that the body not only will conserve its own digestive enzymes, but it will also absorb those from the foods and supplements you take in. Digestive enzymes help break down the foods you eat, allowing important nutrients to be absorbed into your blood. It also helps waste to be passed along through the digestive system and ultimately disposed of. Although enzymes will survive, and even thrive, in your body, cooking – which is typically done at temperatures at least twice that of the normal body temperature – deactivates the enzymes contained in your once-living foods. Because of their high potential for bacterial contamination, you should continue to cook most animal foods, and rely on fresh, raw plant foods to provide your greatest supplementary source of digestive enzymes. Supplementing your own digestive enzymes with those from fresh, raw plant foods is a great way to boost your health throughout the year, especially during the holidays when fatty and sugary foods tend to take over. Before adding new supplements to your diet, check with your Doctor to get the right formulation for your health.


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