Constitutional Hydrotherapy


Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy (or “water cure”) refers to the therapeutic use of water to stimulate the body’s healing force. The process involves applying hot wet towels to the chest and abdomen and wrapping the person in warm blankets. After the skin has warmed, the warm towel is replaced with a cold one. The application of warmth soothes and relaxes the tissues and organs, and the cold then stimulates a rush of blood flow to the area. The increased blood flow and circulation helps stimulate the immune system and detoxify the body. The application of hot and cold water to the body stimulates digestion, circulation, and the immune system, and brings relief from pain. It also helps to detoxify metals, pesticides and herbicides, and other toxic buildup from improper diet and lifestyle.

In a clinical setting, a mild electrical stimulation is applied to the organs of detoxification to further enhance the healing process. While constitutional hydrotherapy can be done by yourself at home, for maximum benefit it should be performed by a knowledgeable practitioner. However, other forms of hydrotherapy can easily be utilized at home on different areas of the body to successfully treat various conditions. Full baths, foot baths, sitz baths, steam inhalations, hot compresses, saunas and douches can all provide healthful benefits to various conditions.



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